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Innovation in education

Project Unmasked is dedicated to conducting original, cutting-edge research on public policy and social sciences to further our agenda. We believe that an innovation-focused approach is productive, meaningful, and impactful for the future of public health education.

Below are some of the meaningful research projects that we have conducted.


The curriculum championed by Project Unmasked is one that focuses on student exploration of epidemiological concepts. This innovative teaching method that takes students through the entirety of an outbreak investigation as they learn fundamental concepts along the way has yet to be implemented in a widespread manner through a research study. Our study found very positive feedback from students regarding the effectiveness of the teaching method. Our research paper, titled "Unraveling the Infectious Disease Outbreak Investigation Process for Youth Epidemiological Pedagogy," has been accepted for presentation at the 7th International Conference on Public Health, and we will be presenting it in August 2021.

Click on the button below to view the paper abstract.


Our educational policy is in need of reformation to include standards for public health and epidemiology. After researching the benefits of public health education, the following policy research report was written.

Research: Causes
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